Stitch Guide

Stitch Guide

This is a fabulous site. I’ve just learned to crochet and have made two wash cloths and now I’m working on an afghan. My mom taught herself how to crochet when she was twelve and can do just about anything with yarn and a crochet hook. So I wanted to learn something more complicated than single crochet (this is the beginner crochet stitch that you learn first.)

After wading through a ton of sites that looked like gibberish I found Stitch Guide. Which is not only free but provides videos, illustrations and easy directions. Let me tell you the videos are priceless. I learn visually and the instructions don’t always make a lot of sense to me but they have videos that show most of the stitches I needed to learn.

You will also find the same kind of information on this site for Crochetnit, Crochet, Crochet-Tatting, Crochet on the Double, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Filet Crocheting, Knitting, Plastic Canvas, Quilting/Sewing, and Tatting. There is also a section called “Tips for Most Techniques” that was very helpful. And even better than a tips section there is a Bulletin Board for help.

Things I absolutely loved were:

The How to Use the Site: Which explains how everything is set up and how to make best use of it.

The Yarn FAQ: Because it goes through and explains the different types of yarn, how to gauge for substitution, and suggests making swatches to see how the yarn you’ve chosen will lay.

The Bulletin Board for help: I was stuck on a pattern and just couldn’t make sense of it, and I got help right away. So that I didn’t have to put my project on hold.

Whether you are an experienced pro or a beginner like me there is tons of information to help you out, not to mention links to free patterns.

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