Judy Blume

Judy Blume

This is the official site of Judy Blumeand it has a lot to offer. To find out what’s happening now click the “Check Out What’s Happening with Judy” link. This will get you current news. You can also find a link to this in the “From Judy” section, which is a few notes from Judy that she put on her website, with a very touching one regarding September 11th.

There is a Bio & Photos and a Questions section that all have to do with Judy. How she grew up, why she writes, and of course what is her family like. I highly recommend the Questions section as there are some very interesting answers.

There is a Writing section, where Judy discusses her writing tips. A great section on Censorship—well worth reading. She discusses censorship from when it began to how it challenges her now. The Book List section is a lot of fun because you get to read descriptions of Judy’s books from Judy. I even found some that I want to re-read.

The “Kids Page” is a page directed towards kids, with a lot of did you know’s that are fabulous and will strike a cord in kid’s curiosity. Did you know that The Pain and The Great One are based on Judy’s kids? Mainly when her son was six and her daughter was eight. For more fun facts check out the Kid’s Page.

More news is that there are now Musicals of Fudge and Sheila the Great. Look for them near you as Superfudge and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. They sound rather interesting. And don’t forget that Fudge was also in the Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

These are stories that a lot of us read in our childhood, or have read them to kid—and they are timeless. Enjoy more Judy Blume right now with her webpage!


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