The Bubblesphere

The Bubblesphere

This site is so neat, and is all about bubbles. Bubble blowing originated in the 18th and 19th century and is still popular today. I know that I still enjoy getting out the catnip bubbles I have and playing chase the bubbles with my cats. Bubbles are a very light hearted form of enjoyment and there are so many ways to make bubbles.

Using as little a a piece of wire wrapped into a loop and some bubble solution or soap you can have hours of fun blowing bubbles. Here at this site you can learn all about the history of bubble blowing, find new ways to blow bubbles, and you can even follow the journeys of Professor Bubble.

I loved the “Solutions” section where you can find out how to make your own bubble solution and there are even several different formulas depending on the kind of bubble you want to make. There is an ingredient list, and you might be surprised by what is on it. Check out “Tools and Formulae” to find this information and don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the solution page for more options.

The “History” section was a very interesting read. Why don’t you find out how Pear Soap helped make bubble blowing popular?

Check out the “References” section and click on the Video/Film link in the paragraph on the page. This takes you to the Film page, here you can download videos of Bubble performers. I watched all of them and it was well worth my time. I had no idea some of the things you could do with bubbles.

There are three games you can play on this site. Bubblechase, Bubble Pop, and Tic-Tac-Bubble. The Bubble Pop was a lot of fun you have to see how many bubbles you can pop in twenty seconds my highest score was 245.

There are a ton of neat things to do and learn at this site.

Don’t blow this one off.

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