Mean Kitty

Mean Kitty

Do you have a Mean Kitty? If so then you can totally commiserate with the people who have posted their cat’s picture on this site. Go the Gallery and click the photo to get the story behind why the precious angel you’re looking at is really a mean kitty.

The stories behind the photos are very funny, and being a cat owner, I can definitely relate to them.

You can also send Mean Kitty Posties which, to be blunt, are very hilarious. Share them with anyone you know who has a mean kitty, or your favorite friend. They are animated too, so you might want to check them out in the preview screen. My favorite postie was the kitty in the basket holding a Barney doll.

The Advice section is where the author of this site answers the fan mail, and questions sent in. Some of it is very funny. Especially the ones that are from cats. You can ignore the T-Shirts section as it just stuff to buy with the logo Mean Kitty on it. Either way, enjoy this site.

If you check out the links section there is a Halloween page, that has lots of cute pictures of Halloween cats. Some in costumes, some just in their fur, and lots of cute stuff. And other cat sites about mean kitty’s.


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