Speech Accent Archive

Speech Accent Archive

“This site examines the accented speech of speakers from many different language backgrounds reading the same sample paragraph. Currently, we have obtained 335 speech samples.”

You can choose a dialect from the side menu or you can use the drop down menu in the middle of the page to navigate the site. To listen to the samples you will need Quick Time, if you don’t have it there is a button on the site that says “Get Quick Time” you’ll be redirected to a site to download the newest version.

After choosing a dialect, you can then choose from a list if there is more than one speaker. The sample will load and you can then hear the accented phrase. I spent almost an hour listening to samples and didn’t even get partially through. There were quite a few for English, here meaning, a very long list of samples. But it was interesting to see how differently English is spoken in our country let alone other countries where English is a first language.

A very neat listening experience, Enjoy!


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