Yankee or Dixie Quiz

Yankee or Dixie Quiz

After listening to the samples of English on the Speech Accent Archive (see yesterday’s cool site), you will probably have noticed that we say things very differently depending on what region of the United States one is from.

Well this quiz will tell you if you have more of a Yankee or Dixie quality to the ways you pronounce things. Answer how you would say the examples they provide. If you answer one incorrectly then you’ll need to scroll to the bottom and answer all over, because if you change an answer midstream of taking the quiz you could fudge your results.

My score was “43% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.” Which is interesting because I have grown up in the North all of my life. But it is relative to where I grew up in the North. I am from Lorain, Ohio which is a melting pot of different ethnicities and has both southern and northern accented English speakers.

Have fun with this one. Take it a couple of times to see the variations or to just see what comes up for the different response.


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