Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport is the Museum of America and the Sea. Located in Connecticut for you brave adventurers who will seek it out. This place is really neat. It is a re-created 19th century coastal village. I highly recommend checking out the Welcome section and reading the history of the seaport. It started out in 1600s as a shipbuilding community and then, when wooden shipbuilding went into decline, it started to work in textiles.

For dog lovers I recommend checking out the Sea Dogs exhibit, where you can learn about dogs and their role in and on the sea. It is mostly about Newfoundland’s which are really neat water loving dogs. There is even a Quick Time video you can watch about them in this section.

If you click on “Map of the Mystic Seaport”, you can see what the area looks like. It opens in its own window and you can close it so that it doesn’t interfere with your visit to the site.

There is so much on this site so take your time exploring it and enjoy!

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