Online Conversion

If there is any measurement you need to convert you will probably find it here on this site. I mean they have everything from length to clothing sizes (For those of us who like to shop online and internationally).

In the Length section you’ll find conversion calculators for:

Common Length Conversions – A few of the more common length and distance units. Such as feet, meters, inches, centimeters, miles, kilometers, etc.

All Length Conversions – Nearly 300 different length and distance units.

Metric Length Conversions – Just the metric length and distance units. Helps convert between all the different metric prefixes.

On this site you will also find conversions for temperature, speed, volume, weight/mass, computer, date/time, cooking, angles, area, power, energy, density, force, pressure, astronomical, numbers, finance, clothing, light, torque, acceleration, flow rate, viscosity, and there is even a section called Fun Stuff.

The Fun Stuff section is full of interesting things to convert like:

Your Retire Date
Pig Latin
Morse Code
Body Mass Index
Dog Years
Typing Test

There is a whole lot more in this section that’s really fun to do as well, it’s just matter of checking it out. I love sites that have practical use and some fun stuff thrown in as well. This site is a keeper. I moved it into my favorites right away.

Do you have a cool, non-commercial site