So I’ve been on this big sailing kick and I found this great site on knots. Well as you all know sailors tie knots on the ropes of the boat. Here are some great knots that you can learn to tie. Bowline, Double Loop, Sheepshank, Figure Eight Stopper, Reef, Splice, Tie (like neck tie), Windsor (also a neck tie knot).

There are many more and they would take too long to list. But the really great thing about this site is that when you click on the picture of the knot you want to learn to tie, it takes you to the knot page and you get an animated picture so that you can really see how the knot is tied. You don’t just get instructions.

Instead you get the full written instructions, the full name of the knot if they abbreviated on the first page.

Example: Eye Splice is really the Sailor’s Eye Splice.

You may even get examples of how the knot is used. Like the Clove Hitch which is not very secure (you shouldn’t really attach a boat hitch or something with it) but is really great for secure a car fender that’s broken or such.

All in all this is a really cool site. How many different types of knots can you tie?