Switch Zoo

Switch Zoo

Switch Zoo is a very fun site where you can mix up the parts of animals and create your own. While it’s loading your animal of choice there are nifty facts for you to read. Did you know that “Meerkats eat Scorpions, because they are immune to Scorpions venom.”

Then you should have a picture of your animal. I chose a dog. You can do a quick switch by using the quick switch area, which replaces a body part with the one you chose. Or you can watch the body parts grow which is really neat when you get to the tail. Choose the animals you want to mix. First I gave my dog a cheetah head, bear legs, and a monkey tail. So I have a Dogtahbearkey. 🙂

Click “photo” when you’re done and print out a picture of your creation. You can also add a title and a story to your creature. If you have troubles you should check out the FAQ, or the How to Play section. Enjoy.

What kind of animal can you make?


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