I couldn’t resist writing up this site of one of my favorite childhood book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. The best known of these books being The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. You’ll notice that there are several sections to this site. The Chronicles, Discover Narnia, and The Movie.

The Chronicles – Here you can learn all about the Chronicles and read a chapter from each book if you like. You can also learn about the Author, C.S. Lewis.

Discover Narnia – In this fabulous section you can truly grasp Narnia. Meet the inhabitants, read about the countries, and meet the Narnians. A great section that makes you feel as if you lived and breathed Narnia. You can even test your knowledge of Narnia – just click “Test Your Knowledge” at the top of the window. Excellently designed. Why don’t you Discover Narnia?

The Movie – For fans of Narnia this section is wonderful. Get updates on the progress of the Chronicles becoming a movie.

This site is so wonderfully designed it captures the wonder of Narnia and brings to you at home on your computer.

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