Thrift Deluxe

Thrift Deluxe

If you thought DIY (Do it Yourself) was cool before, this site is going to really make you think it’s cooler. This is one of the neatest DIY sites I have ever run across. The best part is that not only are they easy you can do them by following simple instructions, they are also almost all inexpensive. The projects have a difficulty rating of 1-3, three being the most difficult and a price rating then runs along the same way.

Out of these projects, I’ve already tried the coke vase and it was super easy and fun. It also turned out really neat. I chose to use red PVA paint but I bought orange as well and if you drizzle red on one side and orange on the other and then roll the coke bottle you get a swirly design. (This does take some practice.)

Project #9 involves a planter, and a pendant light. Which was very neat. But didn’t last long with my cats batting at it. You could also paint it other colors than white.

The projects themselves are fun and thrifty. I’m looking forward to other projects from this site, so you can bet your buttons I’m going to be tucking it into my favorites. So all in all thrifty, fun, and easy projects that you can do in the space of minutes to a couple of hours. Not to mention you can read some nifty design news, and gather ideas of your own.

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