Windows to the Universe

Learn about our planet, the solar system we live in, astronomy and the universe. You also learn about Space Weather, Space Missions, Myths, Art-Books-Film, History & People, Geology, Life, Physics, and Images & Multimedia about Space. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well let me break it down some for you!

Our Planet — Learn all about Earth, the planet we live on from the surface to the atmosphere.

Our Solar System — Learn all about the other planets that make up our solar system from Mercury to Pluto.

Moving on to The Universe, you’ll learn the same kinds of facts about planets and galaxies all over the Universe. Learn all about the field of Astronomy as well, like what is star dust? What are the constellations?

Space Weather is all about the weather in space. What things make storms in space? How do these things occur? Here is a small dose of what you’ll learn from the space weather section: “Explosions on the Sun create storms of radiation, fluctuating magnetic fields, and swarms of energetic particles. These phenomena travel outward through the Solar System with the solar wind. Upon arrival at Earth, they interact in complex ways with Earth’s magnetic field, creating Earth’s radiation belts and the Aurora. Some space weather storms can damage satellites, disable electric power grids, and disrupt cell phone communications systems.”

This site is full of cool facts and neat pictures with so much information that there is no way I could give you little bits of all of it. Check this one out, it’s worth book marking!