Extra names in Address Book

Help! When I go to my Address Book I keep finding all these extra names that I didn’t put there. Is there a way to stop this?

You can have an entry in your Address Book made automatically every time you send an email. This is great if you only email a handful of people, but if you do a ton of mailing, you could end up with a giant list of addresses and no clue who they go with. So, how do you stop this?

In Outlook Express , go to Tools / Options and click the “Send” tab. Uncheck the box marked “Automatically put people I reply to in my Address Book”


With Netscape Mail go to Edit / Preferences then under “Mail & Newsgroups” select “Addressing”. Uncheck the box marked “Outgoing Mail Messages (You should also uncheck “Incoming…”).


AOL 8.0 users can also shut this off by going to Settings / Preferences then clicking “Address Book”. Uncheck the box marked “Automatically add email addresses to my Address Book.


You can now have an Address Book filled only with people you actually plan to email, rather than a mystery list of addresses.

~ David

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