EZ Spell Checking

Do you always use your spell checker. I know it can take up a few precious moments to hit F7 , or if you do it the long way, Tools / Spelling .

Wouldn’t it be cool if your email could be checked for spelling automatically without ever hitting any buttons or making a single mouse click?

Guess what? There is a way to make spell check come up before an email goes out.

With Outlook Express , go to Tools / Options then click the “Spelling” tab and check off the “Always check spelling before sending” box.


*Microsoft Word must be installed for OE spell checking to work on XP computers—the meanies!

For Netscape Mail users, just go to Edit / Preferences . Under “Mail & Newsgroups” choose “Composition” then under “Composing Messages” check off the box marked “Check spelling before sending”.


For those AOL 8.0 netizens, click Settings / Preferences then under the “By Feature” tab choose “Mail”. Click “Mail Preferences” and you’ll see a box to check marked “Perform a spell check before sending mail”.


For other web-based email, check your preferences/mail options for this feature.

It sure makes spell checking easier.

~ David