Create A Sig File (Signature File)

I’m tired of typing “Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jim” at the end of all of my e-mail messages. Is there a way to set this up automatically?

Yes, and it’s called a signature. A signature file (or, for those in the know, a “sig file”) is usually just a little piece of text that automatically gets put at the end of an e-mail.

For example, when I send out an e-mail, the following is automatically plopped in at the end:

Have a great day,



That way, I don’t waste countless hours of my life typing the same thing over and over. How does one do this little piece of digital magic? It’s easy. So easy that you’re gonna wish you’d been doing it all along.

Here’s an example for Outlook Express , since that’s the e-mail client most of you are using. Note the procedure is pretty much the same for most other e-mail programs.

1. Hit the Tools menu, Options .


2. Click the Signatures tab on the resulting screen.

3. Under the Signatures area, click the New button.

4. Next, type your good-bye message in the Edit Signature area. If you want to get fancy, you can use a file, even HTML. For now, probably best to stick with plain text. We don’t wanna go crazy here 🙂


5. OK, now if you want this to automatically be added to your outgoing messages, go back to the top of this little screen and check the ” Add signatures to all outgoing messages ” box. I also uncheck the ” Don’t add signatures to replies and forwards ” so that my sig file is added to those too.

6. Click OK and you’re all set. Create a new e-mail message and your new sig file should automatically be added.

~ Steve

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