Putting a Graphic in Your Signature File

Putting a Graphic in Your Signature File

Now that you know about sig files, you’re probably wondering, “Can I put a picture or handwritten signature in?” Well—good news—it can be done.

To use an image in your signature, you must use HTML for composing your email. So, launch your favorite HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Go Live, Frontpage) or even Notepad can be used. Create a new file and type in the following:

<img src=”C:\My Images\mypicture.gif”>

You won’t actually type “C:\My Images\mypicture.gif”>, but rather the location of the picture you want to use. Now save this file as “signature.htm”.

Next we want to use this HTML file as a signature. In Outlook Express , go to Tools / Options and choose the ” Signatures ” tab. Click ” New ” and give the signature a name, such as “picture”.

Now go down to ” Edit Signature ” and select the ” File ” radio button. Click ” Browse ” to get the HTML signature file that you just created

If you checked the box “Add signature to all outgoing messages”, then it should appear next time you compose a new message.

If you don’t want it on every email, do not check the little box to add to all. When you are creating a new message, just click in the message window and select Insert / Signatures then your file name if you want to add the picture.

If the signature does not appear when you create a new email, make sure that you set it as your default signature by clicking the “Set as default” button.

Not only can you use standard JPG and GIF files, but you could also use an animated GIF (keep in mind that not everybody will see your animation in action). Rather than a picture, you could scan your signature (although I wouldn’t recommend this with identity theft going around). You could use a graphic program or photo editing program like Ability Photopaint to add text to your image. The possibilities are endless!

~ David

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