Print Screen Button and Screen Shots

How do I take a screen shot like the ones in your newsletter?

I get email everyday asking that very question. So, here ya go!

You just tap the PrtScn (print screen) button. The real function of this key is to make a “snapshot” of your screen. If you have some imaging software like Adobe Photoshop (or a good word processor), you can then paste it into there and crop, etc. In fact, this is how we do our snappy screen shots.

Here’s how:

To capture the whole screen, just hit the Print Screen (it might say Prt Sc ) button on your keyboard.

Then, open your imaging software (and a blank page, if you need to – it will depend on your software) and select your “Paste” command (usually Ctrl+V ).

This should paste an image of your computer screen into the document you’re working on. You can also paste the image into a word processing program like MS Word or WordPerfect if you don’t have imaging software. (With newer versions of Word, you might need to have the program open before your hit Prt Sc for the screenshot to go to the clipboard).

If you would like to capture only the current window, hold down the ALT button while you press the Print Screen button.

Soon you’ll be a screenshot master.


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