Viewing File Extensions

Are your file extensions hiding from you? Do you see file names but secretly wish you could see the extension too?

Maybe you have no clue what file extensions are or why in the world you would want to look at them. Well, take a gander at the link below for help:

OK, now how to set your computer so you can see your extensions (and join the rest of us geeks).

1. First, open Windows Explorer by clicking the Start button. Then, click on Computer.

2.In Windows 7, hit the Alt key, to bring up the menus. Then, select the Tools menu and click Folder Options .


3. From the resulting screen, click the View tab. Now, look for the option to ” Hide extensions for known file types “. You need to uncheck it in order to see the extensions (it’s checked by default).


That’s it, nothin’ to it. Enjoy those extensions 🙂

~ Steve

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