I sometimes get URLs (website links) in my e-mail that aren’t highlighted and I can’t click. How can I get to the site?

I know our more experienced web users are maybe giggling to themselves at this point, but I tell ya, I get this question a lot. When you come across a link you can’t click, copy & paste it into your web browser, then hit Enter . You should be zipped away to the site in question.

But..but…why do I get links I can’t click in the first place?

In most cases it has more to do with your e-mail client (program) than the person who sent you the message. For example, AOL won’t show a clickable link unless the link is written in HTML code. Older versions of some browsers won’t show the link as clickable unless it starts with http://, and the list goes on.

To be sure of reaching your destination, use the above method. Copy the link and paste it into your web browser. No fuss, no muss!

~ Andrew