Frolicking in the Recycle Bin

Here are a few things you can do to make your recycling experience more enjoyable:

No Confirmations:

Ever notice how every time you delete something, Windows asks you if you would really like to do it? If you find yourself shouting “YES, I wouldn’t have hit delete if I didn’t want to delete the stupid thing,” then you may want to disable the deletion confirmation.


To do so, just right-click the Recycle bin, Properties, and deselect the checkbox for Display delete confirmation dialog box. In Windows XP, this will be found under the Global tab (see below).


Recycle Size:

By default, the Recycle Bin sucks up a percentage of your hard drive. If you have a 500 gig hard drive, Windows is setting aside around 5 gig just for digital garbage. You can adjust this to take up more or less space based on the size of your HDD.


Windows Vista and Windows 7 even allow you to specify how much you want the recycle bin to reserve by entering an exact number.


Skip the Bin

You’ll notice that you can also set the computer to bypass the recycle bin and just permanently delete files. I WOULD NOT do this. I’ve accidentally deleted more than my fair share of files, and I’m embarrassed to admit how often that the Recycle Bin has come to my rescue.

Next time you’re 100% sure, without a doubt, for certain, that you want to delete a file, hold your Shift key down while you delete. The file will be deleted-skipping the Recycle Bin completely!


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