More Color Options for Email

I would like to use different colors to highlight my email, but I seem limited to the 16 colors listed. Is there a way to get more colors?

If you are using Outlook Express in “Rich Text (HTML)” mode, then you can change the font color by clicking the “A” in the message toolbar and choosing one of the sixteen colors listed, BUT… you can easily expand your palette with this little trick.

Highlight the text you want to color, right-click and choose “Font”. In the drop-down Color menu, select “Custom”, then click the “A” to bring up more options.


You will see 32 more colors along with the original 16.


If that isn’t enough, click the button marked “Define Custom Colors>>” for unlimited possibilities.


Hold down your left mouse button and move the cursor to select a color. Next, adjust the sliding arrow on the side to make it darker or lighter.

Click “Add to Custom Colors” to put it on your palette. You can add up to 16 custom colors.

With Netscape Mail , when you are composing a new message, just highlight the text you want to change the color of and click the little box in the message toolbar (the box will be the current color of your text).


You will find 70 colors to choose from. Just click the one you want. If you know the HTML code for a color not shown, you can type it into the box instead.


When writing an email with AOL , it works pretty much like OE—just highlight your text and click the “A” in the toolbar or right-click the text and choose “Font color”. You are, however, limited to the 48 colors shown.

One thing to keep in mind though: the recipient of your email may not see all the colors, but at least you can have fun being creative.

~ David

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