Just "Cruising" Through The Day

Just “Cruising” Through The Day

Have you ever heard anyone refer to “cruising” when working in a program?

Were you wondering what in the world they were talking about? (I’m sure you figured it out that it had nothing to do with cars.)

Well, for many people, “cruising” on the computer means to slide through the menus in a program looking at the choices listed.

There are some people who can remember a million different key combinations to accomplish almost any task. Then there are people who use menus so much they can recite the locations of options to you as though they were reading directions—without ever seeing the monitor!

And then there are those of us who know that a program can do a particular thing but can’t seem to remember how to get to it. These are the people we find “cruising” the menus most often. They simply move the mouse pointer back and forth through the menus looking for the right option or something to trigger their memory.

So there you have it—a new kind of cruising.

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