Outlook Express can be set to hang up after it sends or receives email

I lose my dial up connection each time I send an email using Outlook Express. How do I fix this?

OE can be set to hang up after it sends or receives email. This is a great feature if you have limited monthly hours online, but can be really annoying if you decide to check your mail while your surfin’ the web. Fortunately this feature can be turned on or off.

Go to Tools / Options , then click the “Connections” tab.

If you want Outlook Express to hang up after sending or checking mail, check the box. If you DON’T want it to hang up after, just uncheck the box.


NOTE: If you are someone who downloads their email then reads it offline (hang up after receiving), keep in mind that this can cause you to get a red X where a graphic should be. We get email from readers all the time who complain that the pictures are missing from the newsletter. Since our pictures load from the server, you must be online when reading or printing to get the pictures.

~ David

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