What's This?

We often tell you ways to configure Internet Explorer or Outlook Express for maximum efficiency or how to stop annoying default features. Many times you end up in the “Options” menu where you are faced with a long list of features. What does each one do?

Guess what, there is a very easy way to find out what different features do in Microsoft products. Just right-click the item and a little box comes up that says “What’s This?”. Click that box and you get a little description.

Try it. If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools / Internet Options and click the “Advanced” tab. Go to any item in the list (I chose “Enable Page Transitions”), put your arrow over it and right-click.


See the “What’s This?” box? Click it and your description should appear.


This also works with the Option menus in Outlook Express and MS Word. Give it a try with other program option lists. It’s a great way to find out what you’re getting into before you click or unclick a feature.

~ David

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