Stopping scum-mails

I keep getting the same scum-mails with a nekkid lady on it even though I add them to my Blocked Senders List. How can I stop these?

Well, if you look carefully (which you probably don’t because you want that picture off your computer immediately), you will notice that one day it’s from Suzy, the next day from Buffy, and today’s is from Candy. Every time, though, it is the same domain.

So, all you need to do is block the domain name of the sender (everything after @).

In Outlook Express , go to your Blocked Sender’s List ( Tools menu, Message Rules , Blocked Senders List ). Scan the list for any common domain names. When you find one, click to highlight, then choose ” Modify “. In the address window, delete the name@, leaving just the domain; click OK .

Be careful not to do this to any major ISP domains that your friends might have like Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL.

You could also do this by creating a message rule to delete all email from that domain. See today’s tip on email filtering for instructions.

Netscape Mail is a little trickier because you do not have a block sender option, you must create message filters. Select the email you want to block, go to Messages, then “Create Filter from Message”.


This will open a window where you can create the filter rules.


  • Give the filter a name.
  • Click “Match any of the following” and make sure you have “Sender, contains” and delete the sender name, leaving just the domain name.
  • Under “Perform this action”, choose “Delete the message”.
  • Click OK

The method for Web-based email is, of course, unique to each brand. Here are some basic instructions, but you may need to go to your Help screen to get specific instructions.

If you use AOL 8, go to your main screen name, Preferences , Parental Controls then set the options regarding incoming mail to delete anything with that domain name in it. AOL 9.0 is uses a different path and is harder to configure.

For Hotmail and Yahoo, go to Tools , Internet Options , Content and set the message preferences to delete all mail with that domain name in it.

Since many web-based email providers (such as Hotmail) give you a limited number of senders you can block, you will save space by blocking all mail from that domain rather than individuals. Also keep in mind that web based email systems often change the way they do stuff (AOL is notorious for this).

There you go. Now it doesn’t matter if Rhonda, Bonita, or Cookie at sends you dirty spam—you got it covered!

~ David

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