Window States

Window States

Ever have a program that always starts in a “normal” state but you really want it maximized?

Well, here’s a little trick to help you do just that (and more) with a quick little bit of shortcut editing. Note: although this seems to work on most programs, sometimes you’ll run across a program that just won’t cooperate.

1. First, right-click the shortcut to the program and select Properties .

2. Under the Shortcut tab , you’ll see a drop box labeled ” Run. ” In that box, you’ll find options to run the program as either Normal (it starts up at it’s default size), Minimized (it starts up minimized to the toolbar), or Maximized (it starts up full screen).


Select the start-up state you want and you’re all set.

I tried this with Internet Explorer to prevent the small browser window problem. It works when clicking the desktop or start menu shortcut, but if you open links in a new window (Shift+click) it will still default to the last window size you used.

~ Steve

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