Custom Page Borders Demystified

Custom Page Borders Demystified

So, if you worked through the tip from last Thursday (7-22-04) on Word’s Page Borders then you probably noticed the Custom Setting at the bottom of the list.


Some of you may be wondering “What’s that all about?” and I’d say that’s a very good question.

To put it simply, this is a setting that allows you to pick and choose between lines, colors, locations and widths all within the same page border.

No more are you confined to the same four sides on your page—you can choose different borders on any number of sides.

OK, so now that you know what it is here’s the “how to” part.

You can click the Custom button to start but it’s not really necessary.

What you can actually do is go straight to the Preview. Once you click in the Preview picture Word will automatically switch to the custom setting.

Have you tried clicking in the preview (or the buttons located on its edges which also represent the different border locations)?

Basically, clicking on a shown border removes just that border.

Clicking on a border area that isn’t displayed will put one in.

You get the idea…

Anyway, to make this truly custom you need to know how to put different lines into the same page. (I found no success with mixing the art borders—I could remove single sides of art borders but not have different pictures on different sides. For the mixing we’ll have to stick with the lines.)

To mix them up use the center column to pick line style, color and width then click in the preview to select the side(s) to which it should be applied.

To create a different look for another side go back to the center to create the new line.

Once it’s set, return to the Preview and click it into another side of the page border.

Continue building the border until you’ve got it exactly the way you want it.

Now that’s what I call custom—completely built by you!

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