Page Border Printing Problems

Page Border Printing Problems

By now I’m sure more than one of you have run into a problem with your page borders (from last Thursday’s tip) that is when you print the page it’s not a complete border.

No matter how thin you make the bottom line, it seems determined to be uncooperative!

In fact, I bet you’ve seen this lovely little message a few times


(You just know it’s not good when something like this pops up!)

Before you get too frustrated let’s take a quick look at a way to fight back when that stubborn page border just won’t print.

To work on this dilemma you need to return to the Borders and Shading window, Page Border tab. (Format menu, Borders and Shading choice)


You’re looking for the Options button just above the Cancel button in the bottom right corner.

Click it.

The Border and Shading Options window will open looking something like this.


You’re looking for the Margin section at the very top.

There’s two type of margin settings to work with, Measure from: “Edge of page” or “Text”. (You choose which one to work with from the drop down list.)

Above the decision as to where to “Measure from” you’ll find the four margins listed. Make any adjustments you feel may correct the situation.

I hate to say it, but I have no “magic formula” here.

It’s one of those “give it a try and see how it all comes out” things.

Basically, you’ll have to work with the measurements to see what you can get your printer to give you.

However, I can say that I found that when I worked with the “Measure from Edge of page” option I just couldn’t get the bottom to print—even with the max 31 pt margin set.

So, I logically moved on to the Text margin settings.

Here I had success!

I set the margin from text to be 0 (zero) all the way around and Voila! I had a complete bottom page border!

It may not be an absolute answer to fighting the Page Border printing problems, and it all comes down to you finding what works for your particular setup, but it sure beats never having a bottom border!

~ April

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