Formatted Text in AutoCorrect

Formatted Text in AutoCorrect

I’m sure we’re all aware of MS Word’s AutoCorrect feature—that little gem secretly working in the background replacing many of our common typos with the correct spelling.

And, for you more advanced users, I’m sure you’ve already modified the list to be used as an automatic replacement tool for complex or long text strings.

My question is: do you find that you’re constantly going back to change the formatting of certain text replacements?

Maybe you have your company name set so that it pops in after you type just the company initials. Great!

But, then you have to go back to format the text differently, let’s say bold or Italics?

Annoying isn’t it?

Yeah, I agree.

It certainly would be nice if the text would just pop in formatting and all…

Your wish is my command!

One extra click when you set the replacement info and you’ve got the formatting tool.

First, you need to highlight the formatted replacement text in your document—it needs to be as you want it to appear every time.

With the text highlighted, you need the Tools menu, AutoCorrect choice.

On the AutoCorrect tab, in the “Replace text as you type” section, you should already see the text for which you’re trying to create a shortcut.


In the “Replace” field enter the abbreviation you’ll actually type in your documents—just like normal.


Before you click the Add button you have one minor adjustment to make—the important adjustment that captures the formatting.

Change the “With” choice from plain text to formatted text.


See how it changed the text, previewing it exactly as you’ll get it in your document?

Now it’s ok to click the Add button.

Last, but not least, click the OK button to exit back to your document.

And that’s it. You’ve just saved yourself a whole lot of formatting time with just that one little extra click.

I love it when things work out so easily!

~ April

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