One-Click Cell Addresses

One-Click Cell Addresses

Did you know that there’s a faster way to enter cell references in Excel formulae… a way that doesn’t involve typing cell addresses?

Interested? (Yeah, I thought you might be.)

Here’s the scoop…

Next time you’re entering a formula and you get to a cell reference (like A5 for example), instead of typing A5 use your mouse and click on A5.

Some of you are already thinking, “Now why would I do that? I can type faster than I can use the mouse.”

True enough. But I sometimes find that I’m not positive of the location of the cell I need and it’s not currently visible on the screen. So what does that mean? Well, it means that I’ve got to scroll out there, find the cell address, double check that I’ve got the correct address and finally go back to type it in.

Sound like a hassle?

Yep, it is, and let’s not overlook our ability to either mess up the cell address (even though we double-checked our info) or to forget the address completely.

Which leads us back to the beginning of the whole thing… Ugh!

So here’s where the time saving thing kicks in.

Begin your formula with the customary = and proceed to enter functions and / or symbols as usual.

When you get to a cell reference try this one. Instead of looking up the address of the cell referenced in the formula, click on the cell itself.


You should find that the cell’s address has been entered into the formula for you, so assuming that you didn’t click in the wrong place there’s no location typos or forgotten addresses.


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