Give It A Break

Give It A Break

You’re in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation and you need a break in the show… maybe you’ve got this great discussion breaking out and it’s time to wander from the presentation to explore the new ideas… or maybe it’s just plain old coffee break time.

Whatever your reason, you need a break in your presentation—what do you do?

(If you’d known that you needed the break at this very point you would have put a slide in to entertain and suggest a break, but who knew?)

Anyway, you’re here now and you need a solution.

If you’re in the vicinity of the projector, and know where the lens cap is, you could use it to black out the screen.

You could simply leave the current slide projected but, if you’re in a discussion it could be distracting to the audience.

Looking for a quick, insert it anywhere, blank slide to create a presentation break?

Seems to me that would be just the solution you need.

Fortunately, PowerPoint has that option built right in—you just have to know where to find it!

You actually have the choice between a white screen and a black screen at any point in your presentation.

And you’re not going to believe how easy it is.

All you need to do for a black screen is to touch the B key.

Want a white screen?

Try the W key.

Need a break?

Touch a key—take your break—then simply click the left mouse button to return to your presentation.

I love it when things are logical and easy!

PS: I did find that some keys would return me to the presentation—the most obvious one being the Enter key but I also found that the Enter key would advance me in the presentation as I returned. Not what I was looking for.

After some more exploring I found that the period key would toggle between a black screen and the current slide while the comma key would toggle between the while screen and the current slide.

Whatever method you choose, it’s an instant break in your presentation any time you need it.

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