Rearranging PowerPoint Slides

Rearranging PowerPoint Slides

Have you ever finished a PowerPoint presentation and realized that the slide order needs to be redone?

What do you do to quickly rearrange? Do you need to re-do the entire presentation?

Don’t worry, the rearrangement can be complete in just a few clicks. (Whew!)

When you realize that you need to tweak the order of your slides simply go to the Slide Sorter view. You can get there through the View menu, Slide Sorter choice or you can click the Slide Sorter button located in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Once you’re into the Slide Sorter view you will see all your slides laid out in rows. The first slide is labeled as #1 in the upper left corner. The order of the slides is from left to right, top row to bottom row. Each slide is numbered.

(You may have to scroll down to see all your slides if you have a large presentation.)

Moving a slide can be accomplished by a click and hold on the slide to be moved. Then drag the slide to its new location in the presentation.You will see a vertical line between the slides showing you where it will go.


Release the mouse button and the slide to be moved into its new place. You will find that the slides are automatically renumbered.

To return to slide editing simply go to the View menu, Slide choice or use the Slide View button in the bottom left corner.


That’s it! Slides are now in your new preferred order. But, you’ll change your mind again, won’t you?

~ April

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