More or Less?

More or Less?

What do you do if you need another worksheet in your workbook?

Quick and easy solution: Go to the Insert menu, Worksheet choice.

Done! Worksheet inserted to the left of whatever sheet you were currently working on.

Trying to insert several worksheets at once?

Hold the Shift key down and select the tabs of several worksheets (the number you’re trying to insert). Then go to the Insert menu, Worksheet choice. (Just think how awesome it would be if we had an insert menu for some extra zeros in the old paycheck…)

What do you do if you want to remove some worksheets from the file?

Another quick and easy solution: Select the tab of the worksheet to be deleted then go to the Edit menu, Delete sheet choice. You will be asked to confirm your choice to finish the process since this can not be undone.

Want to delete several worksheets? Simply select the tabs of all the sheets you wish to delete. Then go to the Edit menu, Delete sheet choice and confirm your decision. (Remember – the Shift key will select consecutive sheets and the Control key will select non-consecutive sheets.)

For the readers with limited storage capacity, the deletion of unused sheets in a workbook will make the file smaller.

That’s it. Having exactly what you need when you need it isn’t that difficult, at least in Excel.

Too bad we can’t have Edit and Insert menus on a few things around the house…

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