Quick Excel Copying With Keys

Quick Excel Copying With Keys

If you’re looking to do some copy / paste work in Excel with adjacent cells, then here’s a quick trick for you.

If you want to copy the information in the cell immediately above use Ctrl + D.

Try it…

Whatever is in the cell above is immediately copied into the selected cell.

Need the information transferred into more that one cell?

Highlight all the cells to contain the information. (To stay with your keyboard hold down the Shift key while moving with the arrow keys.)

Now use Ctrl + D.


The data is now in all of the highlighted cells.

Need to copy something horizontally?

Well – this one works to the right—that is, it copies information from the cell on the left into the cell on the right.

Go to the cell on the right and use Ctrl + R.

(And, of course, the copy to multiple cells works the same way as it did for the downward copy.)

One key combination for and entire copy / paste—can’t ask for it to be much faster than that!

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