XP Disaster Recovery

XP Disaster Recovery

Microsoft says “XP” stands for eXPerience. I recently discovered it stands for eXPlode.

Here’s what happened: I installed some new software on my XP machine. It told me to re-boot the computer, so, like I good little geek I yelled “Affirmative!” and promptly re-booted.

At which point, XP would try to boot, get to some kind of blue screen chock full of error messages, and re-boot again. About the 22nd time this happened, it occurred to me that I might want to try booting into Safe mode.

So, I hit my F8 key just as Windows started to boot, selected Safe Mode from the little menu and watched my computer go into another continuous re-boot cycle.

This was getting serious, so I donned my propeller cap and started to think (OK, I really don’t have a propeller hat).

It was then I remembered there were a few more options when I hit my F8 key during boot-up. So, I decided to give that another go and noticed an option for re-booting using the last known good configuration.

And it actually worked!

Needless to say, as soon as Windows was back up and running I removed the offending program.

The moral of the story? I need to get me a propeller hat. Oh, and if you ever run into a similar situation, hit the F8 key just as Windows starts to boot and exercise the “last known good configuration” option. It may just save your computer!

~ Steve

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