Word Pages With Pizzazz—The Basics

Word Pages With Pizzazz—The Basics

So, you’re working in MS Word and you’re trying to create a unique, eye-catching document.

You’ve been looking for just the right touch to make it grab their attention. Something that’s not too over the top but definitely says “Read me!”.

You’ve eliminated the idea of AutoShapes and pictures. No, you’re looking for something to tie it all together.


Wait, I know, what about a border around the page?

Something nice to box it all in—make it more than just words on a page but not too distracting?

Sound good?


Ok, then what you’re looking for is called a Page Border and, lucky for you, Word has them. Better yet, they’re easy to create.

Ready to get started?

Good, then we’re off to the land of Page Borders.

With the document open, go to the Format menu, Borders and Shading choice.

When the Borders and Shading window opens go to the Page Border tab.


Here’s where all the magic happens.

Down the left side you can choose how want the border to appear – notice that you can choose things like shadow and 3D. The choices are pretty self-explanatory, so go ahead and take some time to play with the different looks.

In the middle (the Style section) you can choose line type (dotted, dashed, solid, double, etc…), line color and width.

Below the width choice the Art drop down list has a variety of picture type borders you could choose instead of a line.

Should you decide on something from this list you can adjust its width and, on some art, the coloring of the border.

On the far right you’ll find a preview of the border you’re creating—it’s updated as you make choices. Keep an eye on the preview to be sure you’re getting your desired effect.

Below the preview you’ll find the “Apply to” field.


By default it’s set to apply borders to the whole document but if you click on the down arrow you’ll find you have several placements from which to choose.

Once you’ve made all your decisions click OK.

When you return to your document you should see your page(s) now contain the borders you designed.

Want to make some adjustments?

No problem.

Return to the Page Border tab in the Borders and Shading window, make the changes and click OK.


Your document should now contain the “new and improved” look.

Go ahead, give your pages a bit of pizzazz!

~ April

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