Changing Your View

Changing Your View

So, we’re all here and ready to take a look at changing MS Outlook views.

Let’s get right to it.

There are a couple of different ways to make changes to your MS Outlook view. Your method depends upon how you like to see things while you work.

If you prefer to see lists of what’s available and what’s been selected and its placement then you’ll probably like this method best.

The first thing is to open the window which will allow you to choose and place the fields of information you want to display.

If you’re using Outlook 97 then go to the View menu, Show Fields choice.

If you’re using a newer version then try the View menu, Current View submenu, Customize Current View choice.

Then click the Fields button in the View Summary window that opens.

However you got there, you should be looking at the “Show Fields” window.


On the left you’ll find a list of available fields not currently displayed. The right will show you the list of fields that are currently being used in their display order.

To add a field simply select it on the left and then click the Add button in the center.

Removing a field is just as easy, select it in the right side list and click Remove in the center.

To change the order of the displayed fields select one in the right list and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons below the list to change their order.

When you’ve gotten everything just the way you like it simply click OK. (And OK again if you’re using one of the newer versions of Outlook.)

Now, if you’re a person who’s a little more into the “drop and drag” of items then this second method of field rearrangement is probably more to your liking.

To begin you need to right click on any field name (the names just above the actual email information) in Outlook.

Then pick Field Chooser from the pop up menu.

The Field Chooser window will open.


In the window you’ll be able to find all fields that are not currently displayed.

At the very top you’ll find a drop-down list of all field categories. Among them is the choice to show all fields but, if you know what type of information you’re looking for, the other categories can produce much smaller lists to sort through.

Once you’ve located a field you want to add to your view simply click, hold and drag it to the field names in the mailbox window.

A small arrow will appear letting you know where the new field will be located if you release the mouse button at that time.

Find your preferred location and release the mouse button.

If you’d like to rearrange fields that are already displayed then click, hold and drag the field to the new location.

To remove a field just click and drag it down below the field names then release the mouse button.

It will be removed from your display and you will immediately find it listed in the Field Chooser.

When you’ve completed all your changes close the Field Chooser window.


The information you’re seeing in Outlook is probably a lot more to your liking.

Definitely your way!

~ April

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