Let The Light Shine

Let The Light Shine

So, you’re working along in a program from the MS Office Suite, your little Office Assistant is politely standing by just waiting to give you a hand.

Now we all know that if you have a question you can simply click on the Assistant and try to get information you need through the online help it offers.

But, have you ever noticed while you were working that sometimes a light bulb will come on by the Assistant?


Never noticed it?

Yeah, I hadn’t either until recently. I’m usually so busy ignoring him that I just never even realized it was there, let alone wondered what it was all about.

Of course, once I took notice I had to know what it was all about so I did some investigating.

Turns out the little guy was trying to give me a hand!

You must be working on something that he feels could be accomplished a little more efficiently and he’s trying to put in his two cents.

So, the light bulb is there to let you know he’s got an idea for you.

Simply click on the light bulb and his tip will open up.

I know—someone out there is just positive that you’ve never, ever seen a light bulb with your office assistant.

Actually, that could be.

You need to set your Office Assistant options so that he’ll give you the extra tips.

To do that you could click on the Assistant and choose the Options button at the bottom – or – you could right click on the Assistant and then choose Options from the menu.

Either way you’ll be taken to the Options tab of the Office Assistant window.


On the Options tab you’re looking to make sure the items referring to using features and the mouse more efficiently are selected.

Then click OK.

Now that you’ve told the Assistant to give you a hand you can expect his input more often.

In all likelihood you’ll find he has quite a few ideas for a faster, more efficient way to accomplish your everyday tasks.

Sometimes that little guy can be so helpful!

~ April

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