Excel Drag & Drop Between Worksheets

Excel Drag & Drop Between Worksheets

So, you’ve got some data in an Excel worksheet that you need to move to a new location.

Within the same sheet—no problem.

I’m positive that we all know about highlighting the data to be moved and then using the mouse arrow on the very edge of the selected cell(s) to click and drag the data to a new location.

Quick, easy—what could be wrong with that?

Well… nothing, unless you’re looking to relocate the data to a different worksheet within the workbook.

Have you ever tried that?


Then you know what happens.

You drag the cells down toward the sheet tabs and, instead of being able to select a new worksheet to go to, the current worksheet starts scrolling down!

Ok, so what’s the deal with that?

You could copy/paste to a different sheet but you like this drag and drop thing better and let’s face it, you’re already halfway through that process. No one wants to start all over again!

So what now?

Good question—and I’ve got a good answer!

Try pressing the Alt key.

Yep, that’s it—the whole “trick”.

When you press the Alt key (while still holding down the mouse button) the scrolling downward will stop and you’ll be allowed to slide back and forth along the sheet tabs.

As you move over the sheet tabs you’ll notice that the sheets change, so find the worksheet you need and simply move up into the worksheet to drop the data in its new location.

And that’s it!

Alt is the whole key to drag and drop across worksheets.

~ April

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