Windows 98 Shut Down Problems

I’m running Win 98 and every time I shut down my computer, it hangs on the “Windows is shutting down” screen. Is there a way to fix this?

This can happen for a variety of reasons with any version of Windows (well, I guess it doesn’t really happen that much with XP).

Usually it’s due to a program that’s not shutting down the way it’s supposed to (probably something hanging out in your system tray causing trouble). You may want to try shutting down different system tray programs each time you shut your computer down and see if that fixes it (usually a right-click to a system tray icon gives you an option to shut it off).

There’s also another strong possibility; Windows may need to be updated.

For example, Windows 98 (first edition) had an issue with power management that would cause it to hang on shutdown. Of course, they have since fixed this problem.

If you suspect that it’s a Windows problem and not a software problem, hit your Start button, Windows Update (XP users, go to your Start button, Help & Support for a link to update).

OK, now I’m going to step up on my little soap box (just warning ya!).

I can’t tell you the number of computer problems I see and hear about that could have been avoided by keeping Windows (and explorer) up to date.

I mean, let’s face it. We all know Windows is a “work in progress” for the most part (don’t even get me started about how we’re all financing this :-). So, it only makes sense to run the little Windows Update feature from time to time (XP users have an auto-update feature that’s normally on by default).

These updates do more than just helping you to shut down right. Many of them patch major security holes, add or enhance features, and allow improved software compatibility.

The way I see it, these updates are free, so why put up with a system that could be better with an easy to install update? ( More on updates in today’s tip.)

Climbing down off that little soap box now, thanks for indulging me. Now, where’d I put my high horse??

~ Steve

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