Quick Keyboard Highlighting in MS Word

Quick Keyboard Highlighting in MS Word

Are you the person always looking for a better way to highlight text without the mouse?

Yes? Then I bet you’re a pretty big Shift key user.

While I’m not sure about you, I know that I find it a bit annoying since I tend to change my mind about how much to highlight after I’ve released the Shift key.

So naturally I’d need to hold down the Shift key again—but do I usually remember that?

No… I just hit another arrow key and poof! All my highlighting is gone.

Time to start over.

Or, maybe not.

Instead of the Shift key for keyboard highlighting let’s try F8.

F8 is the function key for the Extend Selection function.

Basically what this function does is turn on the highlighting and removes the need to hold another key down.

Give it a try…

Hit the F8 key then use your arrow, page up, page down, home, end and Ctrl keys to highlight text as normal.

You know that you’ve activated the Extend Selection function when you see the EXT in the status bar.


Extend Selection stays on until you turn it off or perform another function like a copy, cut, bolding or whatever function you’ve highlighted to accomplish.

To turn this feature off without performing another function simply hit the Escape key.

No more restarting the highlighting because of a forgotten Shift key—Extend Selection with the F8 key has got you covered.

~ April

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