Vanishing Characters

Vanishing Characters

So, there you are, happily editing your MS Word document. You’re in the middle of a paragraph adding in a new word here and another there… but wait. What happened to the text?

You had something like this:

MS Office & Tricks

Then realized that you forgot the “Tips” so you clicked back into the sentence to add it.

Somehow, someway, you got this…

MS Office Tipsicks

What’s going on here?

Well, the answer is simple enough—along the way the Overtype function was turned on.


Yep, that’s what I said—Overtype.

You can tell it’s active by looking at your status bar


See the OVR?

That’s it. When the OVR is black instead of “grayed out” it means that the Overtype function is doing its “thing”. That is, you’re typing over (replacing) characters instead of inserting new text.

How did the Overtype function become active?

Good question.

Actually, there’s a couple of possibilities.

One way is that you might have hit the Insert key on your keyboard. (It’s just above the Delete key.) I accidentally do this all the time—so it’s quite possible that this is the case.

Another possibility is that you could have inadvertently double clicked on the OVR located in the status bar.

But… however it happened you’ll probably want to turn it back off.

All you need to do is either hit the Insert key or double click on the OVR.

Once you see the OVR “grayed out” then you’re set to go again—no move overtype. You’re back to inserting characters and making the rest “move on over”.

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