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A wise man once said, “Don’t ever get on the computer with the thought that you will be on and off in a few minutes, because before you know it you’ll be there for three hours.” The reason for this is usually things like programs that need to update or the file you want strangely doesn’t seem to be in the place you thought it was, and on and on. It’s all of these little inconveniences that waste your time, and sometimes in the name of expedience we let things go like updates or living with some spyware search bar that’s attached itself to your browser until we have time to sit down and take care of matters.

Well today’s download isn’t going to dramatically increase your efficiency on the PC, but it can help you when dealing with homepage Hijackers that I believe are a huge waste of time, not to mention a security risk. If you do manage to get Hijacked it’s a coin toss—sometimes it’s easy to overcome by simply resetting your homepage, and sometimes this can drag on for a few days or weeks, while you try to find out how to remove the nuisance. Either way, no one wants to deal with this, and why should you? With Hijack this these problems can be a worry of the past. Hijack this stops all malicious hijackers before they get a chance to install and configure themselves in your browser. The program runs in the background protecting your browser and saving you time and anguish.

Hijack This is pretty robust for a hijack stopper. The settings make it feel almost like a personal firewall. The program has all sorts of options and tools you can use and not just to protect your homepage. It has an ignore list, a list of running processes, DLL’s, and a startup list. It does this because the program doesn’t target specific URLs but rather knows the tricks they use in order to hijack your browser. The program also creates backups as it goes to help you out if you paint yourself into a corner so to speak.

There is some info you should definitely look over before you install (a good practice) the program and you should be able to find everything you need to get started here. There is also a forum for some community support, because the one thing I wish the program did have is a “Help” file, which it doesn’t—you’ll just have to go out to the sites to have your questions answered. You can download Hijack This at this link and I hope you all like it.

~ Chad

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