Of all the sites I have brought you that look into the skies and outer space, this one has got to be my favorite. Not only is it seamless to surf, but all the photographs are beautiful.

There are many ways to surf this site as well. You can start by browsing:

The Latest — The most recently posted photos.

The Best Of — A handful of the best photos.

Or you can browse by type of space phenomenon, from Atmospheric Phenomenon (where you can see photos from our atmosphere like the Aurora Borealis) to Galaxies to Miscellaneous.

Each category is unique and chocked full of great photos. My favorite section of photos was the Supernova Remnants. It may have only four photographs in its category but they are my favorites. I love the first one for the blend of colors. It brings home the wonder of space for me.

What’s really the best thing about this site? The clarity of the photographs! Not only are the thumbnails gorgeous, but if you click them you get the bigger photo of the thumbnail. (The picture of my favorite is full screen!)

The Constellations section would be my second favorite, my favorite individual photograph was “Startrails: Southern Pole”. But this is a great way to see the constellations, especially, if like me, you have a hard time viewing them due to living in a city.

All in all a wonderful site with fantastic photography! Check it out!


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