Congressional Email Directory

All Americans should access to their representatives in Congress. This directory makes that easy. Just scroll down the menu of states and choose the one you live in. I live in Ohio so I would scroll down to it and click it.

When I click on it, it opens a list of Senators and Representatives for Ohio. You’ll notice that there are two links just about for each person—the first one goes to their web page, the second is their e-mail address.

For me these open in Outlook Express, if you don’t use Outlook Express or a default mail program, then you will have to right click on the e-mail address, choose “Copy Shortcut” and then go to where you have your e-mail online (for example: Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL) login, go to compose and paste it in your address line. When you do that you’ll have to delete the mailto: that comes before their address for it to send correctly.

Isn’t wonderful to be able to use the internet to get in touch with the people who are representing you in the government?


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