Turn Auto Desktop Cleanup Off

OK, call me crazy, but I like my messy desktop. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand this and every now and then makes me run the Desktop Cleanup on my Windows XP machine. Sure, I click the little “X” on the reminder balloon to make it go away, but nooooooo—within seconds it’s back. No amount of screaming seems to help, so I’m forced to go though their stupid wizard. Is there any hope for me?

Wow, I know how you feel. Only it’s my wife who’s after me to clean up my desk all the time (my real desktop, not the one on my computer). Although I haven’t figured out a way to disable her requests, I do have a way for you to eject the MS neat freak from your machine.

Just right-click your desktop, then select “Properties” from the resulting menu. The “Display Properties” screen will pop up.

Now, just click the “Desktop” tab, then tap the “Customize Desktop” button. A new screen will pop up, labeled appropriately enough, “Desktop Items”.


Look towards the bottom of that screen and uncheck the “Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days” checkbox. Smile as you click OK and end the career of Mr. Clean-up Wizard.


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