Matching Processes to Programs

When you do Ctrl+Alt+Delete in Windows XP you should get the Windows Task Manager. There you’ll see a list of running applications (programs). There is also a tab for “Processes” with a bunch of cryptic names like “SynTPEnh.exe” and such.

That said, let me tell you about a neat little trick to find out what processes match up with running applications…

Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up Task Manager. Choose an application the right-click. Select the option”Go To Process”.


You’ll be whisked away to the Process section where the corresponding process will be highlighted.


Now you’ll have a clue as to what some of those processes are. There are places online where you can find out what other processes are and if they are necessary—one of them is “Answers That Work”…

~ David

PS: For more on processes and how to turn them off, check out this tip on our web site…

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