Compress Folders with Windows ME

I know there’s a few of you out there with Win ME. In most cases the Win 98 tips work for you, but ME was also a testing ground for new features like System Restore and folder compression that became part of XP.

Although it is not installed by default, ME has built in folder compression so you don’t need WinZip or Stuffit to archive/zip or unzip folders.

The first thing you’ll need to do is turn the feature on:

Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel and double click “Add/Remove programs”. Select the “Windows Setup” tab then double-click “System Tools” and choose “Compressed Folders”.


Click OK then restart your computer.

Now that the feature is enabled, it’s time to create a compressed folder:

Right-click an empty area of your desktop and select “New” then “Compressed Folder”.


This will make a folder with a zipper on it.

Now, just drag files to it and they will be compressed when you drop them in.

Opening the folder will tell you the compressed file size, the original size, and the compression ratio.

Not only will you save space, you can send these zipped files to friends as email attachments rather than sending large files.

And who said XP users get to have all the fun!

~ David

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