The Spider Myths Site

Learn all about Myths, Misconceptions, and Superstitions about Spiders. Here you can learn about General Myths, Identifying Spiders, House Spiders, Weird Myths, “Dangerous” Spiders, or you can choose all myths to view everything at once.

General Myths — This includes myths like: Spiders are insects, all spiders make webs, and all spiders are male, not to mention quite a few more. Check them out to get the spider facts.

Identifying Spiders — This isn’t a section on how to identify spiders, but rather is as section on the myths surrounding spider identification.

House Spiders — This revolves around the myths of the spiders that live in our houses. Like the myth that “Those large, hairy spiders I find in my house are wolf spiders.”

Weird Myths — “In the deserts of the Near East, there are ‘camel spiders’ which anaesthetize sleeping humans and eat large chunks of their flesh.” That is one of the weirder myths that has been debunked in this section. Check out the other weird ones.

Dangerous Spiders — This section talks about the myths behind the spiders people think are dangerous to them. It includes spider myths about the brown recluse, spiders that bite you when you are asleep, and many more.

All of this information was very interesting and if you want to see all your options at a glance you should check out the “All Myths” section.

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